Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Revanesque: Ethos

There are no Trolls, there are Gamers. Through Gaming we gain Unity. Through Unity we gain Culture. Through Culture we gain Victory. Through Victory our chains are Broken. Revanesque shall free me. If this type of culture resonates with you, please join in! Activity expectations: 1. Must be daily active  2. Must actively participate in Territory War 3. Must join, attack, and deploy in Territory Battle 4. Raid tokens daily minimum: 600 5. Discord signup and involvement. 6. account creation 7. Following all raid rules and times. Guild : Revanesque

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Guild Raid Rules

Common Raid Rules Raids will alternate am/pm start times so as to accommodate the most time zones  Raids will be launched near 6am or 6pm **Pacific Time Zone (America/Los Angeles**) . The join period will alert you as to which time the raid begins. Members will have 24 hours to join so as to get on the board. Rancor Raid (Heroic specifics) Rancor raid is set to sim at 6am Pacific Time and will have a 24hr join period. All members will have equal rewards. Tank Take-down Raid (Heroic specifics) All gamers can start attacking at 6am/pm. Sith Raid (Heroic Specifics) All gamers can start attacking at 6am/pm.

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