Friday, February 5, 2016

Life Lessons from Dagobah

As far as Galactic Nerds go, I've left the Outer Rim and am coming into landing at Coruscant (pre Episode VII). I haven't made my own Mandelorian armour or anything, but I'm pretty darn near doing so.

Having established that...

There is a great scene is Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is training with Yoda. Luke is standing on his hands, with Yoda on his leftfoot, levitating rocks, R2D2, and other things. He is doing some amazing things when, suddenly, his X-Wing starts to sink into the swanp. Luke loses all focus, becomes erratic, and everything falls to the ground.

I'm quite certain, we have all been there.

I was worshiping at church last Sunday when I found myself seeing in the Spirit with greater clarity than I had in quite some time. I literally was seeing footprints on the ground for me to step into. The Green and Blue ones were just fine, Yellow and Orange were heating up and Red...well...let's just say you don't jump onto the Red ones unless you're told. They're pretty hot (good hot).

I was flying high - worshiping in the Spirit - quite literally walking in the footsteps of the Spirit of God.

And then I got lost...

Somehow, somewhere, I got lost. I don't quite know how it happened, nor do I think that I did anything wrong. I simply became distracted. I lost my stamina and other things crept into my peripheral and I lost total focus on Him.

Of course, as these things go, I didn't realize it until the rocks and R2 had fallen completely to the ground.

Worshiping in the Spirit is a fantastic thing. To be led by the Spirit into complete abandonment is an amazing thing. There are times when we worship Jesus, and there are times when we are lost in our worship to Him. This is when we are channeling the Holy Spirit and He is leading us to worship in Spirit & Truth.

Entering such moments, and sustaining such moments are not only up to Him, but also available to the level of our stamina.

I realized that I was out of shape to complete the worship set. I was unable to finish. I didn't have the concentration necessary to go the distance.

Unlike Luke, I didn't stalk off. I sat down, prayed, and went back to worship with my son.

There is no shame in failure, nor shame in practice. Pick yourself up and try again. We all become distracted and we all fail. Realize that all of this, everything we do, is working towards His end game.

But practice. Above all, work out. Because the Spirit will come calling again, and I want to be sure I can withstand the session next time because He wants to do something, and I can't let it get sunk into a swamp.

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